Touring and promoting yourself in Europe
The expert will share with you experience of establishing a European booking agency and creating a successful European career for the artists from Belarus and Ukraine. You will learn what kind of music is interesting for the European audience, how to find an agent, how to participate in the showcase and prepare yourself for the international tour.
1. Workshop Video
Video recording of the workshop is available here.
2. Presentation
If you want to download the teacher's presentation on the last module, then you can do it by clicking the "Download" button, which is located below.
3. Homework
Imagine you have an upcoming tour from "Warsaw" to "Brussel" for 7 days. Make a tour plan with the timeline, cities and clubs for performance, and detailed budget plan with all necessary expenditures and planned gains.

Here is just an example of a small plan which you can use as the basis for your homework presentation.

1 slide: describe and present your project, links to your profiles, musical style that your are working in, etc.

Describe the concept of your tour:

1 slide:
- Describe the key tour idea (key messages, promotional artwork to send to the music venues beforehand etc.)
- Set the goals for the tour and the resources (budget total sum, team members and additional stuff for selling merchandise, sound engineer, car, musical equipment, light and sound etc.).
- Mention key promo channels in each city.

2, 3 slides: Set the general timeline for your campaign and the tour route:

- Dates and order of cities you'll visit (Make sure you consider the logistical and economic pros and cons)
- Make a research for the clubs in this cities that fits your style, size, capacity, locations, technical equipment etc. Consider looking into gig swaps with existing local bands.
- Pick some places to stay that fits your budget
- Mention the way you'll travel between cities (car/bus/airplane/train etc)

4, 5 slides: prepare detailed table with your tour budget.

- Describe all necessary expenditures (wages, fuel, tickets, hotel, food, marketing, booking agent, equipment and taxes)
- Plan potential revenue streams (merch, discs, etc)

On our Thursday session Natasha Padabed will review some of your works and discuss it with you.

So, let's try to finish homework till 15:00 on Wednesday (23.06). This is the time when we will gather your works and send to the lecturer for the review. The general deadline is traditionally the end of this week.


4. Q&A Video
5. Feedback
Thank you for becoming a part of our educational program. We will be glad to have 3 minutes of free time to give feedback on the module.
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