Music Revenues
The final module is devoted to the financial opportunities and types of income of the modern music market. You will learn how to generate profits from different sources: intellectual property, live performances, streaming services, brand collaborations. Learn to structure and plan your own financial flows.
1. Workshop Video
Video recording of the workshop is available here.
2. Presentation
If you want to download the teacher's presentation on the last module, then you can do it by clicking the "Download" button, which is located below.
3. Homework
Here you have your last homework task for the Module 7. This time you need to build a tactical plan for monetization of your project:

1 slide: Traditionally describe and present your project, links to your profiles, musical style that your are working in, etc.

2 slide: Identify your current revenue streams - how do you currently make money from your music?

3 slide: Map your current fanbase - where do you currently have an audience (eg social channels, streaming services, email list, D2F channels). Approximately how many fans or followers do you have on each of those platforms?

4 slide: Identify three simple things you could do to help grow your fanbase.

5 slide: Identify what digital tools, industry initiatives, influencers or industry champions could help with that process.

On our Thursday session Chris Cooke will review some of your works and discuss it with you.
Don't forget to prepare questions for Chris: second part of the session will be dedicated for the actual Q&A!

Let's try to finish homework till 15:00 on Wednesday (30.06) This is the time when we will gather your works and send to the lecturer for the review. The general deadline is traditionally the end of this week.


4. Q&A Video
5. Feedback
Thank you for becoming a part of our educational program. We will be glad to have 3 minutes of free time to give feedback on the module.
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